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Still one of my favorite sessions to date. This in-home lifestyle photoshoot was scheduled the day before it happened. Whitney had reached out to another photographer who ended up being booked and because I was available they had referred me her way.

Whitney and Garren had actually just sold their home. But before they moved out the life they had created there they wanted to create one last memory. One final relaxed photo session documenting the home they built.

Starting downstairs

When I came in I started with capturing some of the details of the rooms. Whitney helping Liam put on his shoes. Their puppy curled up on the couch in “his spot”. Memories are what makes a house a home. The stories that are told. The laughter and people. Before that it is just four walls.

We moved all over that little historic home. Taking photos on the from porch as they laughed and played together. To the comfort of the couch. Then we moved to the second floor of the home.

Moving upstairs

Whitney told me that her favorite room in the house was the nursery that they designed for baby Liam. It looked like in was right out of a Pottery Barn catalog. Or pulled directly from Pinterest. She would spend a lot of time in here with Liam as well playing and reading.

It was a honor to help them with the in-home lifestyle photoshoot. The next day they were clearing out all of their stuff to make room for the new owners. Then it was time for them to start their next adventure. When I asked where they were headed they were still trying to figure that one out. By now I suspect they have found a new place and have built a ton of new memories.

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