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As a wedding photographer so much is in tow when it comes to shooting your wedding day. While some may think it’s just a camera and I’m good to go. They would be surprised to find out everything we actually have with us at their event. So here is what I have with me on any given wedding day.

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I carry two on me at all times when it comes to shooting your wedding day. One this provides for more shots and angles during the day for your gallery that will get delivered. But also, I want to make sure I have a backup just in case something malfunctions. The last thing I want to tell a bride is something happened and I can no longer shoot her wedding. How horrible would that be? That’s why it’s so important to be prepared.


I carry a variety of camera lenses throughout the wedding day. If you are a camera buff or photographer you will know what these different can do for you. I carry a 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 60mm, and some zooms. These different lenses are used to create those different style of images: wide shots, dreamy where the background just falls away, close-ups. You name it. Most of the day my 35mm and 85mm won’t leave the camera though.

Styling Kit

During it final month for planning I discuss what details you want to have shot during the day. For an idea of what to make sure you have check out 104 must have wedding photos HERE. But to get those Pinterest and Instagram worthy photos I bring along my handy dandy styling kit. If you were to look inside you would find ribbon, trays, backgrounds, stamps, a dress hanger, etc. The only thing you won’t typically find are florals as I work with your florist to gather a few stems and buds so they match.


Light changes throughout the course of the day and while I am a natural light photographer flash is still needed indoors or after dark.

Extra Batteries

With the need for flash comes the need for extra batteries.


And clear umbrellas at that. Weather happens and just in case we experience a sprinkle or two I’m prepared so you don’t have to sacrifice that sacred portrait time.


I don’t get a lot of downtime on your wedding day which means protein bars, candy, and small snacks are carried at all times. When your on your feet all day nourishment is super important.

Water/Energy Drinks

Hydrate. That’s all I can say about that. LOL!

Good Shoes

It might sound funny to include this. But, it has taken a long time to find good wedding shoes. I’m not somebody who can show up in tennis shoes. It just doesn’t fit my vibe. Rothy’s have been such a game changer. Fashionable and comfortable.

Emergency Kit

Inside you’ll find a stain pen, Band-Aids, needle and thread, Tylenol, sewing scissors, bobby and safety pins, and anything else you would think of just in case.

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